Prevention & Accidents


Condoms are available in different fits, colours, with and without flavour, made of latex, without latex, with nubs and without and much more. Condoms offer you many advantages when used correctly. On the one hand, you can take responsibility for your partner, because sexuality affects both of you. When used correctly, condoms are a good way to take responsibility for contraception. On the other hand, condoms also offer many advantages when it comes to protection during sex. 

There is no 100% protection against sexually transmitted diseases, but condoms are the most important protection to minimise the risk of infection. They are also the only contraceptive that boys* and men* can actively use as protection against unwanted paternity.

Condoms are medical products and are subject to high quality requirements in both production and distribution. Since 2002, the international standard EN ISO 4074 has been in force, ensuring that the condoms are vacuum-packed and carry the European quality seal (CE standard). The expiry date must also be featured on the product and should not have expired yet. A condom should fit as well as shoes. Or do you like to walk around in shoes that are too small or too big?

It’s the same with condoms: a condom that is too tight squeezes and constricts while one that is too loose will be baggy and slip. It is therefore important to find the right sized condom for your own penis. Because only then can you be sure that the condom sits snugly and stays in place. Like all other parts of the body penises come in all shapes and sizes.

So it is logical that not every boy*man will fit the standard condom (approx. 52-53 mm wide). Condoms with a slightly smaller diameter are available on the market, especially for youths/adolescents when the penis is still growing during puberty. IMPORTANT: Your penis length is not key when choosing the right condom, it’s the width!

To find the right condom for you, you can of course try out different condom sizes. But it is better to know how wide your penis is. You can find different ways to measure, for example, here on this website or here